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Dollar A Day Hotel Question

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Where can I find dollar a day hotel room?

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Bethany Prockop asked July 1st, 2010 • Report
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1 Answer

Allen Wallace Located in the heart of Philadelphia’s historic Center City district, the Alexander Inn is a charming, surprisingly affordable boutique hotel offering five hotel rooms a night for $1 as part of its Guest Stimulus Plan. The hotel hopes you'll reserve a room Sunday through Thursday for a dollar and spend what you save in lodging at Philly's restaurants, shops and museums. Call to book your $1 room at 8 a.m. EST 30 days prior to your arrival. The limit is one night at $1 per guest. 301 South 12th Street, Philadelphia; 215-923-3535 or 877-253-9466 | Answered st, 2010


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