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Hotel Bed Bugs Question

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How To Find Out If A Hotel Has Bed Bugs?

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Cathy L. asked June 3rd, 2010 • Report
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3 Answers

Bill Lee Vancouver cheap hotels for a concert this fall. | Answered th, 2012

Julie Smyth First- Just ask. Any descent hotel will tell you about their preventative measures but probably will not tell you flat out that they have an on going infestation.
Second- Use to search your hotel.
Third- If you are already checked in go to the bed, pull up a corner of the sheets, at the head of the bed, right down to the mattress. Inspect along the seams of the mattress looking for bed bugs or reddish brown spots. Try to inspect as much of the mattress and even the box spring as you can. Now look behind the headboard and all around the headboard right down to the floor. Inspect the baseboards and behind any pictures or mirrors around the bed area. Be sure to check the sheets for older spotting. Give a fast check in the drawers just to make sure. If you can't find any bugs or spots in those areas you are probably safe.
Another way to protect your self from bed bugs and scabies, which are even more scary, is to buy a travel sheet made for hotels. I use an allersac because it's zippered and comfy. Hope this helps. | Answered th, 2010

Tom Aldean Bed bugs have made a huge resurgence in the United States in recent years. Here's how you can check for bedbugs in a hotel room:

Carefully inspect the hotel beds to find any traces of bedbugs. After you check into a hotel room, thoroughly inspect the mattress for bed bugs by pulling back the covers, and looking carefully at the seams and tufts for bed bugs. Also look underneath the hotel mattress to find any evidence of black or brown (bedbug) fecal spots. If you find any bed bugs, don’t spray them with Lysol or any other pesticide. This may cause the bugs to move around, and infest your luggage and other areas of the hotel room. Instead, inform the hotel management of the bedbugs and ask them to assign you a new room immediately. Leave the bed bugs extermination to the professionals. | Answered th, 2010

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